Zensight Articles:

An Introduction to Zensight
By Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW, DCEP

What if you could heal yourself of concerns gently and easily, simply by picturing your concerns and allowing them to heal and transform? What if simply seeing yourself being free of these concerns – and experiencing the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that you would like to have instead - had a very real impact upon your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health? What if the healing effects that occurred took place on a very deep and permanent level?

The good news is that you can.

Zensight is a self-help energy healing technique created by a psychotherapist who specializes in trauma. Zensight is designed to be gentle, easy to use and of benefit to anyone.

Zensight combines aspects of a variety of other energy healing techniques such as Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Universal healing energy, together with elements of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Emphasizing the use of visualization together with “healing statements” and focused intent, Zensight activates and engages the energy system and both hemispheres of the brain. Many people experience signs of increased brain activity, such as vivid dreams and imagery, and enhanced visual and auditory acuity, during or after Zensight sessions.

Zensight begins with the selection of a healing symbol. Examples of a possible healing symbol are an image of the ocean, a word such as “release”, or a favourite colour. Anything that is chosen as a healing symbol is fine as long as there are no strong negative emotional connotations to it.

The identified concern is then focused upon, as well as any “picture” that comes up in connection with it. The picture is allowed to transform while alternating focus upon the healing symbol. As needed, the process is supported with the use of verbal healing statements.

What follows is an excerpt from a 30 minute Zensight session with “Verity”. Verity is a woman in her early 40’s. She discussed at the start of the session, a few issues that she wanted to resolve, the most central of which was some chronic pain she had been having in her left hip for the past few years. The pain had been treated through chiropractic care and had gotten better at times but had been worse lately, enough so that it made her feel unable to be as active as she usually would be.

If you focus on these current concerns, is there a picture that comes up for you in relation to them?’s connected with the ability to move forward. There is this image of myself and this energetic wall of ice or glass – it keeps me from moving forward.

What I’d like you to do is just focus on that image, and connect with your healing symbol, and just notice what happens as you do so.

The picture just changes automatically. The wall instantly dissolves and melts. My left leg – the side that has been hurting – just leaps forward - kind of like a ballerina.

Okay. Just focus on that and use your healing symbol.

Amazing! All of the pain in my hip has disappeared! I have a sense of feeling boundless and joyful. I see myself dancing! It’s the dance of life.

If you focus on your left hip now, is there any pain left?

No…there is no pain at all. It kind of feels like there is an “awareness” there of pain that had been there before. However, the pain itself has gone.

“I heal any and all energetic imprint left in this left hip or in any other area of my body, in relation to any of these issues.”

Now picture some healing light going into that area of your body. Is there any sensation left there at all?

No – it just feels wonderful.

We then went on to address two emotional concerns she had also been experiencing.

At the close of the session, Verity mentioned a visual image that had been occurring in the background as we worked. She described seeing a set of blueprints layered over one another and over her hip bone. As she watched, she saw these layers simply flutter up and fly away, until they had fully released and were gone.

At follow up three months later, Verity reported that the hip pain and the emotional concerns that we had addressed were still completely resolved.