Phone & eTherapy Sessions

My counselling and consultation services are provided by telephone, over instant messaging, and in person, in Milton, Ontario.

If you are interested in phone sessions, if you are in Canada or the US, I can call you so that you incur no long distance charges .

If you are in other overseas locations, please email me to enquire - in most cases, we can either talk for free over Skype or, if you do not have access to a computer, I may be able to phone your home or cellular phone using Skype.

I offer a unique combination of alternative therapies together with excellent traditional assessment and counselling skills, thus allowing clients to experience the best of both worlds.

Since energy work can at times lead to deep emotional release, consulting someone with a strong clinical background is ideal.

Is Telephone or eTherapy Right For You?

Benefits of Phone and eTherapy Counselling

1) Convenience. You can experience your healing sessions from the privacy of your own home, at a time that is right for you, without needing to face traffic, transportation difficulties, or similar concerns.

2) Comfort. If you wish to you can lie down and relax during sessions, and dress however you feel most comfortable.

3) Privacy. People often feel more comfortable disclosing even very personal situations that they are concerned about, when they do not have to do so face to face. This may enable you to heal concerns that you might otherwise avoid dealing with.

4) Focus. In my experience, phone and etherapy sessions are often even more effective than those done in person as there tends to be less distraction during them.

Situations Where Telephone and eTherapy Counselling Is Not A Suitable Option

Do you have suicidal or homicidal intent?

I am not able to provide telephone counseling to those who are currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal intent, as my ability to ensure that you remain safe may be limited by geographical distance and a lack of knowledge regarding crisis support services in your area.

Should this apply to you, I urge you to seek out local resources so that you can get support and assistance in beginning to feel better.

In some situations I may be able to make exceptions to this rule if, and only if, you are able and willing to sign consent forms that enable for me to speak to those actively involved in your care (psychiatrists, counselors, medical doctors) who are local to you, who agree with my being involved, and who will agree to providing consultation or assistance in an emergency situation.

For immediate assistance with a crisis situation, please check the front page of your local phone book for a list of local crisis support agencies.

Are you presently having acute psychiatric symptoms requiring medical attention?

If this is the case, please seek medical attention with someone local to you.

If you are currently experiencing acute psychiatric issues, it is important that full psychiatric support is accessed.

Should you have a psychiatric diagnosis but it is being treated and you are no longer acutely symptomatic, please discuss this with me prior to booking a session. In most cases those with psychiatric disorders can still benefit from energy work and from telephone counseling.

Please note that PTSD and DID I consider to be normal responses to trauma, and am not particularly concerned about these diagnoses being present providing that active suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts or plans, are not present.

Why wait to feel better? Please contact me today.

And, when you are ready to book a session, you can do so by phone at (905)691-0330, email, or by clicking the button below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking a phone, Skype, or instant messaging session, please advise me of this when booking your appointment, and send me the appropriate phone number, Skype username, or instant messaging username that you wish to be contacted at. I do need to know this at the time of appointment booking as I do phone and internet sessions from a different location than in person sessions, and need to plan my schedule accordingly.

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